Micro Sun - Hallicare充氣腰椎牽引護腰帶

Micro Sun - Hallicare充氣腰椎牽引護腰帶








1. Upright traction: In the past, traction was often lying flat. After being pulled in the hospital, the patient must stand and walk home. The vertebral space that had just been opened returned to the later compression state under the weight of the human body. The effect is greatly reduced. Upright traction overcomes the shortcomings of hospital traction in the past, and can be towed by walking, sitting and standing.

2. Continuous traction and support: sustainable traction, continuous support (for dozens of hours), consolidate the traction effect, and make the injured lumbar vertebrae fully rested (the patient obviously feels no pressure on the lumbar spine when using), compared with the previous traction The cycle is shorter!

3. The traction force is large: the air expansion force is large, and the 25 air expansion columns are evenly distributed around the waist for one week, and the multiple points are simultaneously stretched to ensure that the intervertebral space is pulled apart, and the effect is good.

4. Safety of use: physical therapy, effective and safe.

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