Baby Protable, ultralight car seat

Baby Protable, ultralight car seat


開車帶寶寶 - 既要注意行車的安全,又提心寶寶在座子上坐著不安全,普通的汽車兒童座椅既大且貴,不容易拆卸安裝,不用時放車裡很佔空間,寶寶弄髒了又不好拆洗。本品可方便解決上述煩惱,本品是兒童專用產品,質地優越,設計合理緊湊,符合車主開車帶小孩的需求,不僅全部具備了兒童安全座椅的所有功能,本品護腰,護肩等多處部位均為調節插扣以及子母帶設計,帶子可以隨意根據寶寶身高體重調節長短和鬆緊,能更加緊湊的帖合寶寶身體,更大程度的保護寶寶不會因亂動,剎車等原因對寶寶造成磕碰,並可根據體重的增加逐漸松扣,一般可以用到6歲左右。 


[suitable for age]

4 months-6 years old baby

Driving with a baby - not only pay attention to the safety of driving, but also worry that the baby sitting on the seat is not safe, the ordinary car child seat is large and expensive, not easy to disassemble and install, when not in use, it takes up space, baby Dirty and not easy to wash and wash. This product can easily solve the above troubles. This product is a special product for children. It has superior texture and reasonable design. It meets the needs of the owner to drive children. Not only all the functions of the child safety seat, but also the waist and shoulder pads of this product. Many parts are adjustable buckles and sub-master belt design. The belt can adjust the length and tightness according to the height and weight of the baby at will. It can fit the baby's body more compactly, and protect the baby from turmoil, brakes, etc. Causes bumps to the baby, and can gradually loosen according to the increase in weight, generally can be used around 6 years old.

Function introduction]

1, the seat cushion material is non-toxic, tasteless, environmentally friendly and reasonable in design.

2, the use of materials pay attention to the body contact part of the soft, breathable, sweat-absorbing materials, and a sponge sandwich to make the baby ride more comfortable.

3, the back of the wing is strong, the contact is natural safe and comfortable, the abdominal pad can effectively protect the leg and move freely.

As shown in Figure 4, this product is strictly in accordance with the ergonomic design of children, and is protected and fixed in multiple places to make the baby more comfortable and safer in the car.

5, folding is very intuitive and convenient, more convenient to clean.

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