Medex 膝內/外翻單邊矯形護托 (K39)

Medex 膝內/外翻單邊矯形護托 (K39)


- 用蝸輪蝸杆方法調節支架使大小腿向內/外翻
- 減輕單邊腔面受壓關節疼痛
- 硅膠內墊及粘帶防止護托移位滑落


尺碼:小/中/大/加大 (左/右)


 O and X knee corrector

1. can be daytime wear
2. Improve the knee joint instability
3. correct "O" & "X" shape of leg.
4. reduce the knee joint pressure & pain.
5. prevent the knee injury
6. pls indicate left or right
7. have size S/M/L
***we will provide Delivery and 30 minutes Product fitting/adjustment by product specialist (physiotherapy assistant) for each customer.


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