Micro Sun -- Universal Mobile Remote Control

Micro Sun -- Universal Mobile Remote Control



- 二合一設計。 它不僅是一個遙控器,也是智能手機的防塵罩。

- 穩定的傳輸距離為10米。

- 下載應用程序進行控制。 支持數千種家用電器,如電視,DVD,空調等。

- 迷你和緊湊的外觀使其便攜。 將鑰匙扣系上,然後取下鑰匙扣。

- 適用於iPhone設備。


- 材質:鋁合金+矽膠

- 傳輸範圍:10米

- 顏色:黑色,紅色,銀色

- App:適用於ZaZa Remote


1.搜索並下載應用程序。 (適用於ZaZa遙控器)



4.在App中添加遙控器,選擇相應的設備類型和品牌。 將紅外線對准設備。

Micro Sun - Universal Mobile Remote Control

Main Features:

- 2-in-1 design. It is not only a remote controller but also a dust cover for the smartphone.

- The steady transmission distance is 10m.

- Download the App to control. Support thousands of home appliances such as the television, DVD, air conditioner and so on.

- Mini and compact appearance makes it portable. Strap on your keychain and then take it away.

- Suitable for iPhone devices.


- Material: aluminum alloy + silicone

- Transmission range: 10m

- Color: black, red, silver

- App: suitable for ZaZa Remote

Using Method:

1. Search and download the App. (Suitable for ZaZa Remote)

2. Insert the infrared probe into the port of your mobile phone.

3. Invert the phone to point to the remote at the appliance.

4. Add a remote control in the App, select the corresponding appliance type and brand. Aim the infrared at the appliance.

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