Micro Sun - 防盜防消磁卡套 (3 pcs)

Micro Sun - 防盜防消磁卡套 (3 pcs)



相信唔少人都有MasterCard PayPass同Visa payWave非接觸式付款功能嘅信用卡,而家大部份連鎖便利店、超市、快餐店都接受呢種付款方式,方便之餘,有啲卡拍卡付款更加會有額外獎賞,賺分賺回贈啱晒。不過外國有報導話黑客可以透過特製App,加埋支援NFC嘅手機或平板電腦,行近目標人物身邊,隔空嘟走信用卡上嘅資料然後盜用,好似好危險咁



I believe that few people have MasterCard PayPass and Visa payWave contactless payment function credit card, and most of the chain convenience stores, supermarkets, fast food restaurants accept the payment method, convenient, there are more credit card payment There will be extra rewards, earning points and earning back gifts. However, there are reports in foreign countries that hackers can use the special app to embed NFC mobile phones or tablets, and walk close to the target person, and then sneak away the credit card information and then steal it. It seems to be dangerous.

Basically, the ferrule can be shielded, which can reduce the problem of being stolen by the air. In the future, there will be a smart ID card with RFID function. It is also reasonable to use it to prevent people from stealing ID card information.

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