Multi-function computer desk

Multi-function computer desk



- 16mm 厚度 E1 級中纖密度板材,1.2mm厚優質碳鋼,鋼管表面採用靜電噴塑工藝,前面板可大角度傾斜翻轉功能,板面帶防滑擋板,有效防止物品滑落,桌面鋼架帶卡綫功能,電綫整齊放置不淩亂,雙支撑腳架及加固連接管件,堅固耐用

Multi-function computer desk (white maple)

- 16mm thickness E1 medium-density board, 1.2mm thick high-quality carbon steel, the surface of the steel tube is electrostatically sprayed, the front panel can be tilted at a large angle, and the surface is covered with a non-slip baffle to prevent items from falling off. Card line function, the wires are neatly placed without mess, double support stand and reinforced connecting pipe, durable

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