Micro Sun - 微電腦數位式赤外線電熱毯

Micro Sun - 微電腦數位式赤外線電熱毯



產品詳情 (台灣製造)



尺寸 : 14寸 x 27寸


Detailed introduction

Product Details (Made in Taiwan)

Using the latest technology, high-density electric heating carbon wire to rapidly heat to produce high temperature, and produce high temperature, using cotton woven cotton sleeve, the product itself can absorb moisture from the air to generate moisture. The highest temperature is 75 degrees Celsius. The exclusive development of microcomputer simulates the wavelength of qigong master's work, producing different effects of high and low temperature, quickly clearing the meridians, activating cells, and making you feel comfortable.

The function of far-infrared temperature-heat-heat digital electric blanket has been widely used in the medical rehabilitation department. With strong heat and humidity, with far-infrared warming, it can relieve pain symptoms for a short time. The hot and humid gas penetrates into the cell tissue and promotes blood vessel expansion. , by accelerating the circulation to produce new blood vessel cells, in order to achieve the effect of soothing pain. The far-infrared temperature and humidity thermal blanket is controlled by the microcomputer constant temperature, so that you will have the wonderful feeling that the qigong master will work for you.

Size : 14" x 27"

Place of Origin: Taiwan

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