Micro Sun - 電腦手腕托墊 (桌椅兩用)

Micro Sun - 電腦手腕托墊 (桌椅兩用)



電腦手腕托墊 (桌椅兩用)

防疲勞電腦桌面護腕墊 電腦手托架 鼠標護腕墊 適用於家庭和辦公室 易於安裝(黑色)


產品規格:長45cm 前墊寬18cm 後托寬12.5cm。魔法綁帶20CM


Computer wrist support pad (table and chair dual purpose)

Anti-fatigue computer desktop wrist pad Computer hand bracket Mouse wrist pad Suitable for home and office Easy to install (black)

• Anti-fatigue computer desktop wrist pad to reduce local pressure on the wrist and eliminate the fatigue of the neck, arms and shoulder muscles.
• Made of durable ABS and plastic, the filled memory foam fits snugly against the surface, minimizing stress on the wrists and shoulders.
• It can be rotated by 180°, which is convenient for left or right hand to promote blood circulation.
• Easy to install, suitable for desktops up to 2 inches (5 cm) thick for home or office use.

Product specifications: length 45cm, front pad width 18cm, rear support width 12.5cm. Magic strap 20CM
Installed on the desktop, the thickness of the desktop needs to be 0 to 5CM!

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