Micro Sun - USB手機微型UV殺菌器

Micro Sun - USB手機微型UV殺菌器


日用卻從不消毒的細菌天堂,如鑰匙、皮夾、悠游卡...... 用最有效的UV紫外殺菌,插上手機短短5秒,直接破壞微生物 DNA 結構,徹底殺死病毒、黴菌、塵蟎等隱形殺手,打造安心的潔淨生活。


-「即時消毒」5秒輕鬆消滅 ✔病毒 ✔細菌 ✔塵蟎

蘋果/安卓1秒升級,UVC 紫外消毒神器



破壞微生物 DNA,環保不造成二次污染


SGS 實驗證明,5秒殺菌效率達99.9%

UVC LED 安全耐用,免耗材,一勞永逸

➤ SGS 實驗認證,5秒殺菌率達99.9%

➤ 醫療等級 專業殺菌 耐久UVC LED

➤ 米其林餐廳等級 紫外消毒規格

➤ CNAS & CMA 微生物檢測中心認證

➤ 中央厨房、月子中心 消毒必備利器

The mini appearance, in fact, its bactericidal effect, faster and more effective than professional disinfectant. The Little Blue Blue series can help you solve food, clothing, housing, travel and other disinfection problems, when you need it, easily!

The germs are ubiquitous and it is inevitable that even if you wear a mask and spray disinfectant, it is inevitable to win the prize. On the one hand, because of the flu or enterovirus, it is invulnerable to the medicinal alcohol; on the other hand, it is easy to ignore the bacterial paradise that is never disinfected for daily use, such as keys, wallets, leisure cards... Effective UV UV sterilization, plug in the phone for 5 seconds, directly destroy the microbial DNA structure, completely kill viruses, mold, dust mites and other invisible killers, to create a safe and clean life.

-The principle of natural sunlight disinfection, rapid and complete elimination of germs, super environmental protection and no secondary pollution, widely used in medical, catering, and Yuezi Center and other professional disinfection equipment.

- "Instant disinfection" for 5 seconds to eliminate prion ✔ bacteria ✔ 螨

Apple / Android 1 second upgrade, UVC UV disinfection artifact

啧啧 million star fundraising plan, simultaneous fever and gas gathering

Eliminate enteroviruses, flu viruses that alcohol cannot kill

Destroy microbial DNA, environmental protection does not cause secondary pollution

Disinfect baby products at home, at home, go out and feel at ease

SGS experiment proved that the sterilization efficiency of 5 seconds is 99.9%

UVC LED is safe and durable, free of consumables, once and for all

➤ SGS laboratory certification, 5 seconds sterilization rate of 99.9%

➤ Medical grade Professional sterilization Durable UVC LED

➤ Michelin restaurant grade UV disinfection specification

➤ CNAS & CMA Microbiology Testing Center Certification

Central kitchen, month center, disinfection essential weapon

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