Micro Sun - 紫外線臭氧消毒櫃(醫療級)

Micro Sun - 紫外線臭氧消毒櫃(醫療級)


▸ 用途紫外線臭氧消毒機:

殺菌消毒、除異味一take過! 以先進的紫外線UV技術消毒,不但簡單快捷、無二次污染,也能直接破壞及改變細菌、病毒或微生物的DNA及RHA結構,使它們即時死亡或不能繼續繁殖,達到完全消毒殺菌的效果。

▸ 用途廣泛:

適用於母嬰用品,例如: 奶瓶奶咀、奶泵配件、餐具、毛巾、玩具、牙刷等;同時也適用於難以自行清潔的手提電話、遙控器等電子產品 …

▸ 使用方法簡易:

一扭一按,好EASY! 使用時,打開消毒機後把須消毒的用品 (如奶瓶、幼兒餐具及玩具等) 放進機內,關上機門,轉動按扭選擇合適模式,再按一下即可啟動。

▸ 紫外線燈:


▸ 除異味:


用途 Use UV ozone disinfection machine:

Sterilization and odor removal! With advanced UV UV technology, it is not only simple and fast, no secondary pollution, but also directly destroys and changes the DNA and RHA structure of bacteria, viruses or microorganisms, causing them to die instantly. Or can not continue to breed, to achieve the effect of complete sterilization.

▸ Wide range of uses:

Suitable for maternal and child products, such as: bottle milk nozzle, milk pump accessories, tableware, towels, toys, toothbrushes, etc.; also suitable for mobile phones, remote controls and other electronic products that are difficult to clean by themselves ...

▸ Easy to use:

One twist, one EASY! When using, open the disinfection machine and put the items to be disinfected (such as bottle, children's tableware and toys) into the machine, close the door, turn the button to select the appropriate mode, and press again Can be started.

紫外线 UV lamp:

The advanced UV-UV technology has been disinfected and tested by the Korea Chemical Fusion Research Institute to kill 99.9% of harmful bacterial viruses such as Salmonella, Coliform, Pseudomonas, and Staphylococcus.

▸ Remove odor:

The disinfection program is automatically started to quickly remove the odor inside the machine, effectively eliminating the odor left by the milk nipple and other products, and maintaining the internal hygiene.

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