Micro Sun - 頸椎頸部保護凝膠記憶枕

Micro Sun - 頸椎頸部保護凝膠記憶枕



. 時尚旅行頸枕,符合人體工學設計,具有出色的頸部支撐 
. 可固定在您的頸部,易於配帶及除下 
. 重量輕,體積小,可折疊易於收納和攜帶,最適合旅行者 

物料: 凝膠 + 記憶綿頸枕

Detailed introduction

. Stylish travel neck pillow, ergonomically designed with excellent neck support

. Can be attached to your neck for easy strapping and removal

. Lightweight, small, foldable, easy to store and carry, ideal for travelers

Material: Gel + Memory Neck Pillow

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