Micro Sun - 預防及矯正拇外翻訓練帶

Micro Sun - 預防及矯正拇外翻訓練帶



▪ 適合輕微及中等程度的拇趾外翻人士使用,減輕拇趾外翻帶來的不適和疼痛,令使用者能正常行走和生活 
▪ 適合足部矯形手術後使用,有效縮短康復時間 
▪ 減低患上拇趾外翻、關節炎和關節退化的機會 
▪ 物料透氣,表層清潔抗菌,日間夜間皆可舒適穿戴 
▪ 穿戴後有效減輕拇趾外翻帶來的痛楚,以及矯正拇趾偏歪角度 
▪ 矯正效果比傳統硬式拇趾外翻夾板來得更佳 
▪ 無任何已知的副作用或過敏反應

Detailed introduction

User benefit

▪ Suitable for people with mild to moderate hallux valgus, reducing discomfort and pain caused by hallux valgus, allowing users to walk and live normally

▪ Suitable for use after foot orthopedic surgery, effectively reducing recovery time

▪ Reduce chances of hallux valgus, arthritis and joint degeneration

▪ The material is breathable, the surface is clean and antibacterial, and it can be worn comfortably during the day and night.

▪ Effectively reduce the pain caused by hallux valgus and correct the angle of the big toe

▪ Corrective effect is better than traditional hard toe valgus splint

▪ No known side effects or allergic reactions

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